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High-impact events where

others fear to tread


The Covid Litigation Conference is the premier legal event where experienced lawyers in the Covid space come together to educate and connect with attorneys new to this field. Rolling Stone magazine predicts that Covid-related litigation will be "bigger than Big Tobacco and Asbestos combined."


RePlatform Vegas is an innovative trade show and convention to promote and network quality brands in the Parallel Economy and the entrepreneurs who lead them. It is produced by The RePlatform in partnership with Beck & Stone.


About Us

Formed by the team behind Defeat the Mandates DC, Defeat the Mandates LA, and the Covid Litigation Conference. The RePlatform finds value in the millions of Americans who have been censored, canceled, and deplatformed over the past decade. The RePlatform creates immersive experiences that promote freedom and are impossible to cancel. 


Events like this conference are an alarming development. ‘This isn’t trivial,’ said Lawrence Gostin, director of Georgetown Law’s O’Neill Institute for National & Global Health Law. ‘They will have an impact.

What Our Critics Said

Attorney Pete Serano traveled from Washington State, where he represents three doctors accused of spreading false statements about COVID-19 … ‘There are people who are tremendously intellectually talented and gifted in so many ways who are using those talents to fight for your rights, to fight for my rights,’ said Serano.

In late March, I watched as some 300 lawyers, doctors, and activists assembled in the aggressively beige conference wing of the Midtown Atlanta Hilton for the inaugural Covid Litigation Conference … Medical freedom activists have already started enjoying some successes in front of conservative judges. At the local level, several have sided with plaintiffs who’ve sued hospitals for refusing to give patients ivermectin.

Kevin Jenkins, who is Black, invoked the spirit of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. as he stood on the same site where the civil rights icon delivered his best-known speech. ‘The people in this crowd are on the right side of history.’

The rally benefited extensively from publicity in recent weeks on prominent social media and podcasting platforms. Tucker Carlson also plugged the event during an interview with Malone…

Suzanne Robertson, 52, traveled from New Jersey for the anti-mandate march …Lindsay Mikus, 38, came from Westchester County, N.Y., to oppose the mandates. ‘I have children, and I believe they should live in a free country,’ Mikus said….”

They waved signs that read ‘Defeat the mandates’ … They chanted ‘Protect our kids’ and ‘Our kids, our choice.’ Most had never been to a political rally before.

Thousands of people including truckers and firefighters from across the country gathered Sunday outside Los Angeles City Hall to protest vaccination mandates … The crowd gathered at Grand Park to hear speakers and performers, while big-rig trucks from the ‘People’s Convoy’ were parked on nearby streets … The peaceful crowd gathered to hear speakers and singers and was similar to a rally held at the same spot last year and to others staged around the country.

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